TADCA COMPILATION : work in progress , out in December 2015

HEADER_TADCATadca Compilation Project is still a work in progress : 7 bands have recorded their previously unreleased track in our do-it-yourself recording studio in Cuneo,Italy , where Gian’Soviet’Delfo has made a great job for everyone. There are bands of any kind of music you like, from hardcore-punk to stoner-rock, from combat-folk to one-girl-band blues…Occhi Pesti have finally performed the ir first official cover track, namely ‘Aiuta la tua Scena’, a legendary song by High Circle from Rome, old school hardcore;  The Glad Husband have replied with The Elephant Man cover (previous band of The Dead Elephant) called “Shivering Hands”, a masterpiece of the 90’s stoner scene…then we have….LaMacabraMoka , Ape Unit , Flying Disk , Havoc , H.I.V. ,T.Man.Faya and…hey! but it should be kind of surprise!!! More news soon! Keep in touch, also for pre-orders…this 15 bands compilation will be a Limited Edition project , maybe Vinyl maybe not….who knows… cheers mates, Tadca crew at work!

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