THE SPIRITS : Brand New Cd out now, Excellent Macabre and Dark PunkHardCore Band from Turin(Italy)

The Spirits is one of my fave emerging punk band from the native town of Negazione, i mean Torino. They recorded 8 songs (7  plus 1 ghost track) mainly in italian,  with a cool rotten and powerful style, in line with their peculiar  attitude: hardcore and dark at the same time. The Spirits have now started writing their own songs with fabulous riffs and quit playing cover of other punk bands. I think they’re on the right way, because they know how to mix melody and tough sounds. The way they do it  is simply the best  to kick ass in this crowded hardcore local scene. If you are after  italianbands of the Eighties  such as Wretched, Nerorgasmo, BlueVomit, StinkyRats and so on The Spirits are  exactly what you need.

The brand new cd i am writing about  is entitled “I Tuoi Sogni”, that is the italian for “Your Dreams”. It’s been recorded and mixed by an excellent producer, probably one of the best ever, and his name is Tino Paratore, master of “Cerchio Perfetto” recording studios in Turin, Northern Italy. I guess this band is on its way to become a great icon of  the dark punk scene overseas. If you don’t believe it you will change your mind after a quick listening of their promotional work. It does sound like a band of the golden era , i mean the hardcore scene at the time of  Negazione that we are so proud to keep alive. I’m sure this new local italian scene will not betray the ancestors, and i bet you agree with me, ’cause Truth is something objective, not just my pointless point of view, my humble opinion. Check it out! , and let me know if  i make a blunder (never before!).  Thanx for reading and writing. Keep in touch:

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