Occhi Pesti “Buonenuovepernessuno” mini-Review (from London)

“It’s like when you get on your pushbike and you go breakless down hill or you push hard to get up to the top. It doesn’t matter where you end up, but you certainly sense you have been through the flames: where the limits of numbness and oversensitivity cross each others to the point of hysteria. But you don’t lose, as even though you are scarred – and possibly because of it – you still see the beauty. Hardcore rhythm for those souls that haven’t lost the magic of seeing through the layer of scum. Buonenuovepernessuno goes from the deep bottom, up to the highest tip and back and forth multiple times.”
We thank so much our friend AVB from London for these words after listening to Bnpn digi-CD. We don’t lose the magic! 

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